Production limits at DPSK

Maximum size of produced PCB [mm]500 x 600 – double layer, 350 x 500 – multilayer
Base materialFR4, CEM1, IMS, High-Tg FR4, Teflon
Base material thickness [mm]0.4, 0.6, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2, 1.55, 2.0 2.4, 3
Base copper thickness [µm]18, 35, 70, 105
Minimum / Maximum vias [mm]0,3 / 6,5
Minimum solder pad diameter [mm]0,3/0,3 + hole diameter
Minimum wire thickness [um]150
Minimum space thickness[um]150
Surface treatmentHAL (lead-free), Chem. NiAu, Chemical tin
Solder maskscreen printing, wet photoway (colors green, red, white, blue)
Silk screenscreen printing, photoway (colors white, red, green)
Mechanical finishScoring, milling, cutting
Input dataGerber 274-D, Gerber 274-X, Excellon, Sieb-Meyer, Eagle-BRD, CAM350, Altium Designer, DXF

Base materials used at DPSK

ManufacturerMaterial typeNameTg [°C]T288Td [°C]CTECTI (V)datasheet
Shanghai NANYAFR4 standardNY1140140231065 odkaz
Taiwan NANYA (Technolam)FR4 standardFR-4-86 UV BLOCK1402-531050-703 (175-249)odkaz
AIS MALIBARCEM1CEM1-71430020odkaz
CHIN-SHIIMS, MCPCB ALU baseCS-AL-88 AD26410>600odkaz
ISOLAFR4 s Tg180FR4 IS41018010350553 (175-249)odkaz
TaconicFR4 for VF applicationsTLX-8   215 odkaz
Taiwan NANYAFR4 with Tg175NP-175F R175> 15350453 (175-249)odkaz
IsolaFR4 non-halogen – made in GermanyDE156155> 1039045odkaz
RogersFR4 for highfrequency applicationsR300050025odkaz
RogersFR4 for highfrequency applicationsR4000> 28042546odkaz

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Construction classes

Construction classes that we make (units in µm)I.II.III.IV.V.VI.
Minimum wire thickness500400350300200150
Minimum isolation space (Clearance)650450350300200150
Smallest hole diameter800700600500400300
Minimum pad over hole overlap950700400300200150

Minimum wire thickness and isolation space (clearance) based on used copper thickness (in µm)

Copper foil thicknessWire thicknessClearance

Recalculations 1mil = 25.4µm

Wire thickness [µm]Wire thickness [mil]