Standard price of printed circuit board (panel-service, not pool-service) consists of the price of technical preparation and the price of the actual manufacturing. Price of a repeat orders does not include the price of technical preparation, only the price of manufacturing. Technical preparation (manufacturing data) is always stored with us in case of a future order. The data can be sent to customer if needed.

To get an exact price quotation sent us your data in gerber274-X format and excellon data, or .BRD data to our email address and you will receive information about prices and delivery terms. In case you are not satisfied with price or delivery date we offered, please contact us and let us know what you have in mind. We will try to come up with acceptable solution for both parties.


Price of technical preparation (TP in short)

Technical preparation consists of all the work that needs to be done to convert your data into data usable for manufacturing. Mostly it consists of panel distribution, counting of copper area, preparing films, creating programs for drilling and milling machine, preparing program for scoring machine, preparing data for electrical tester. Boards that we also assemble need some extra altering as well, in order to do the soldering and assembly correctly and professionaly. This includes stencil making and preparing programs for SMT automat.

Price of TP depending on type of PCB:

Single layer: 25 EUR (in case of silk screen + 5 EUR, in case of electrical testing + 10 EUR)

Double layer: 35 EUR (in case of both silk screen+ 10 EUR, in case of electrical testing + 10 EUR)

4 layer: 100 EUR (silk screen included, electrical testing included)

6 layer: 150 EUR (silk screen included, electrical testing included)

In case your panel is larger or non-standard size, the price of TP can vary. We reserve the right to change the price of technical preparation.

We offer a special service – creating a drilling program for PCB based on a scan (e.g. from Amateur Radio) for single or double layer boards. This process varies in time and difficulty, and price is also calculated from the number of drilled holes. In case you are interested in this service, please ask for a quotation.

Price of manufacturing:

The price is closely related to manufactured amounts. Small amounts are expensive, bigger amounts are cheaper.

Double layer PCB: 2,2 – 6,74 EUR/dm2

Single layer PCB: 1 – 3,34 EUR/dm2

4 layer PCB: 10 – 30 eur / dm2

To know the exact price please contact us and ask for a quotation.


Prototype amounts of PCBs can be done using so called pool-service manufacturing. We wait a short alloted time (usually around a week) to accumulate orders for prototype manufacturing from various customers. These prototypes are then placed on a common panel. Final produced PCBs are milled and separeted for each customer. This way the customer does not have to pay extra for technical preparation. Drawback of this type of manufacturing for the customer is that the data is not archived for repeat production.

Standard pool-service is done as a double layer PCB, with conductive vias, top and bottom solder mask (green), surface treatment lead-free HAL, final milling. Base material used is FR4, with dielectric thickness 1.5 mm, and copper plating 18 um/18 um (35 um/35 um after galvanization).

Silk screen for pool service is +10 EUR per side.

Pool service pricing:

Printed circuit boards smaller than 1dm2:  20 EUR

Printed circuit boards sized between 1 dm2 – 2 dm2:  40 EUR

Printed circuit boards sized between 2 dm2 – 3 dm2:  60 EUR

Printed circuit boards sized between 3 dm2 – 4 dm2:  80 EUR

If ordering various prototypes within one order, we charge 5 EUR extra for every additional type. If your prototype is over 4 dm2 it is advised to use standard panel service production.

Delivery costs:

For firms we prefer shipping products via carrier service Slovak Parcel Service. For international packages we prefer carrier servcie In-Time.

Base price for packages to Slovakia is (5 EUR VAT excluded). Base price for international packages within EU is (12 EUR VAT excluded).

When ordering products for personal use it is possible to use carrier Slovak Post. The price of shipping is based on weight, it is usually around 5 EUR.

All prices are VAT excluded.