Binding order has to be made in writing. Orders can be done by email, post or in person.

Order has to include: full company name, VAT ID, bank account information, telephone number, delivery type, exact product name, product amount, delivery date.

When ordering a new type of printed circuit board, production data has to also be included.

When ordering a re-order of previously produced printed circuit boards it is not needed to include production data.

You will receive an order confirmation within 48 hours after sending order. The order confirmation will include the product name, product amount, product price, and delivery date.

The order can be cancelled only in writing. If you cancel the order after you have already received the order confirmation, you are obliged to cover the production costs, if there were any at the time of cancelation. The production costs of cancelled order have to be paid within 30 days after notification.

The order becomes binding after it is confirmed by both parties.

We commit to delivering the ordered products by the confirmed date. Products are considered delivered when submitted to carrier. Customer is obliged to accept, and pay for, the delivery products if they are delivered correctly and on time.

If customer refuses to accept the delivered products without an acceptable reason, the customer will reimburse any delivery costs and any related addional costs. .

Accepted delivery times will be adjusted if there is a relevant hindrance in production.