In 1993, a historically well known institution in Czechoslovakia providing services of development and production of printed circuit boards, “Výskumný ústav mechanizácie a automatizácie – VUMA” (Research Institute of Mechanization and Automation – RIMA) has ceased to exist.

Nove Mesto nad Vahom therefore had a background in development and production of prototype electronic devices. We have decided to utilize our many years of experience and create are own private company.

At the beginning, the main focus of our company was printed circuit boards design.

Over time, the business extended to small batch production of single-layer circuit boards, respectively cooperative production of 2-layer circuit boards.

Later, around 1997 with regard to the requirements of other manufacturers of printed circuit boards we have expanded our range of services to the distribution of basic materials. We collaborated exclusively with Czech manufacturer Lamitec. With the increasing demand and the onset of producers of China-made basic materials we unfortunately had to edge out this service from our offer.

With investments and the gradual expansion of technology over time in order to meet our customer requests, we have transformed the company from cooperating with other manufactures, to later independent printed circuit board production.

Over time we also started to offer printed circuit board assembly, cooperation with another company.

Since 2013, we have expanded our portfolio of services and included e-shop for materials for DIY production of printed circuit boards, to satisfy fans of the at-home prototyping.

Nowadays our company has the complete technology for the production of printed circuit boards, but also several SMT mounting automats, semi-automatic pick and place machine, technology for automatic and manual printing of tin paste and also vapor soldering technology, but also conventional in-line reflow oven and solder wave.

We always try to meet all the requirements of our customers and accomodate their production needs so that they always want to return with their business. In the future, we would like to resume distribution of the base material for printed circuit board manufacturers, with which we have extensive experience from the past. We would also like to go through with a gradual modernization of individual units of production, but also the assembly.

Customers appreciate especially our flexibility, reliability of supply, high quality and competitive price. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

We look forward to further cooperation …Kukučka Father and Son and team of DPSK, Ltd.